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mountaincloud's Journal

17 February
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People are probably used to thinking people lie over the internet, so I'll be straight with you. I am the biggest creep to walk the earth. Hatred runs through my veins and I know for a fact that hate is the driving force, motivating everything to grow and survive in this world. I eat sandwiches made from human waste. I spit in the path of all who make eye contact with me. I will ask you why you are smiling if you smile. Your pets are my pincushions. I don't have any interest in actually meeting anybody or talking to anybody on any level. There is no point in genuine human interaction. I am an evil and hateful person. There is not a single molecule of compassion or creativity in my entirety. I am not male. I WILL SINGLE-HANDEDLY MAKE ALL YOUR DREAMS AND FANTASIES A REALITY. Rules/objectives get in the way of happiness sometimes, it's best to let go. I meet a lot of philistines.