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imagine what you see when it comes, the end of thee. do you see the path extend? or "roll up the carpet, show's over"? it doesn't matter. breathe in, breathe out. do you feel that? only notice yourself do it. be mindful. your passages create songs and chants with the air. your mind can leave your body, it knows proper action.

walking with water in each hand. the weight makes life flow. blood rushes every possible reach. what does that have to do with anything? water rushes through the body. like blood, it carries life. like a river filled with garbage, the body displaces unwanted matters. only water fills the lake. share this gift. the gift of water. it will purify your vessel.

shoveling dirt. moving the land. it's a cause that's more simple than sand. plant a seed, soon it stands as high as a mountain. look again and it engulfs the earth, quenching the hunger that pains. patience knows no time, for a day is minute compared to nothing.

something must be done. in a barren land, warmth makes most sense. start with logs, basic combustion. soon you have heaters. now warmth is no problem. you turn to the sun. it passes day by day. at night, the stars make you wonder? you question your curiosity and question the questioning. it makes you uncomfortable. you decide to act. you have three choices to relieve this fire, force your beliefs onto your neighbor, douse your curiosity, or live in humble balance.


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